The League Of Fuckin’ Bitches Podcast

Episode 1:

Noa and Alicia interview each other and it goes downhill really really quickly. Enjoy!

Episode 2:

Noa and Alicia talk to Elizabeth from Flourish In Progress. Elizabeth is hilarious, Noa and Alicia laugh in all the wrong places!

Episode 3:

Noa and Alicia talk to Nikki, Krista, and Sarah of Badder Homes and Gardens. It’s Holy-Mother-Of-God Funny.

Episode 4:

Noa and Alicia talk to Dana from Reasoning With Vampires. We hate Twilight, but we hated bad cocktails more.

Episode 5:

Noa and Alicia talk to Jen from Jen E Sais Quoi. She’s unbelievably hilarious on her blog and IN REAL LIFE. We do some impressions, hate on hipsters and Coldplay, and we even break it down and get real for a few minutes. I cry.