About Noa

I am the Fearless Bitch, and I blog for the site you’re currently reading right now. I was once miraculously voted as a BlogHer Voice Of The Year in 2011, and that post was featured on the front page of Fark.com. I have never met a burrito I was not a fan of.

I’m a comedian, a writer, blogger, performer, and I have been called “brassy” by someone I think is the coolest.

You can catch me live as well at Dallas Comedy House where I perform improv and at Whataburger where I eat just about every day.

I want to brighten your day a little bit, make you feel like you’re the badass bitch from Hell you were born to be, and to connect the bitches of the world. So far, it’s going pretty well. Like people meet like people–physics and all that.

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BlogHer '11 Voice of the Year