Women Who Do


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UYou know who my heroes are?

Women who do shit.

Women who look at a world that automatically sees them as less capable or weaker or laughable in some cases, and say fuck it. Women who punch the world in the face because they have shit to do for their own lives. Women who don’t take shit, who don’t talk shit, women who do shit instead.

I like me some badass bitches.

This year was full–FULL–of women who decided to stand up and just do stuff, do what they wanted, without thought of what others would think or what would happen. They just saw what they wanted the world to be, and they did their thing.

This year, women fought for their rights and the rights of their sisters. Like in Turkey, where the first Women’s Party was established.


This year, women broke the glass ceiling wherever they could. Like Professor Maryam Mirzakhani, who was the first woman to win the Fields Math Medal.


Women turned to the fashion and entertainment industries and began loudly pointing out gender inequity in interviews.



This year, women said, “fuck you. I’mma do this thing.”

I’m for you, badass women who do their thing. I’m all the fuck about you.


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