New Theme For December: Heroes


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UNever meet your heroes.

That’s what we’re always told. They’re never going to live up to your expectations. They’re never going to be the people you want them to be. They may be rude, even! So why even have heroes at all. Just do what you want to do, and never love or look up to anyone.

Fuck that shit.

The message should be, “Never put your heroes on a pedestal.” Everyone is fallible, even your heroes. You fail them when you lift their lives to such an impossible standard even they cannot achieve it.

Heroes are not meant to be gods. Heroes are meant to be people or stories or characters that have characteristics you’d like to have. They’re something to look up to, not something to hold to every possible perfection. They are meant to guide you and your forward progress, not to guardrail you to such a degree you become fanatical.

In an improv class, a teacher told me, “If you like the way someone performs, mimic what you like. You will gain their skills and eventually make your own way with them. Don’t become them, just mimic until you learn how to do what they do.”

A broader form of Fake It ‘Til You Make It.

This month, we’re all about heroes. Who they are, who they were, how they have affected us. How we made their characteristics our own. How we respect them.

Meet your heroes. Talk about your heroes. Share, love, look up to your heroes. Fuck the haters.


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