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Dawn LOFB BadgeRight now, in this moment, Amy Poehler is my hero.  For a while now, I’ve had a girl crush on Amy.  She’s a co-founder of UCB, a long-running and highly respected sketch and improv group.  She made the cut at SNL and proceeded to kick some serious ass while there, both in sketches and as co-anchor of Weekend Update.  But I really fell for her when I was introduced to Leslie Knope, the enthusiastic bulldog Parks and Recreation employee who constantly strives to make everyone and everything around her better, whether they want to be or not.  (A part of me identifies fiercely with Leslie Knope.)

My adoration for Amy reached a new level, however, when I listened to her audiobook, Yes Please.  In it, she’s charming and vulnerable and open.  When I listen to her, I hear someone who is confident in herself but aware of her faults and unafraid to tell you about either of them.  I also hear someone who cares deeply for the people around her and creates community wherever she goes.  This sense of community has manifested itself in the creation of Smart Girls at the Party.  Initially a web series/impromptu dance party for girls that featured interviews with women from a wide variety of careers (scientists, fire fighters, doctors, etc.), it’s now expanded to include a website and camps for girls.  Throughout her book and through her efforts with Smart Girls, she seems to be shouting out to the world, “there is an alternative to the drama and the hate and the negativity and HERE IT IS”.  And I love that.

So, to summarize: Amy Poehler=intelligent, funny, confident, caring, encouraging, and making a difference in the world.  All things I admire.  There was also that time when she chased down a guy in the Toronto airport while screaming “FUUUUUCKKKKKK YOUUUUU!” in her natural south Boston accent because he had been a dick to her (for details, see said autobiography).  So you gotta admire that.

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