Don’t Be A Dick, Be A Hero

12/16/2014 · 2 comments

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UOne little act can change someone’s day. It can change the way they see themselves, the world, and the people around them.

One little nice word can switch someone’s day from good to bad.

One little kind smile can keep someone from slipping into the realm of assholes and ruining everything for everyone ever.

It’s the holiday times, folks, and time for a PSA from ol’ Noa Geez.


That’s right. Service people are here to help you, but not to wait on you hand and foot. They are working jobs that you didn’t hire them to do, so be fucking kind to them.

People driving in cars want the same thing that you do–to worship the idol of consumerism and spending. Remember that as you careen into another Prius that merged with you against your will. Be kind.

People in the mall, in stores, are just shopping–JUST LIKE YOU YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. You can’t be mad at people for doing a thing if you are also doing the thing. Maybe they’re buying gifts for their mom’s last christmas, or for their baby’s first. Maybe that person is Jesus in disguise. OH UH OH WHAT NOW. Be goddamn kind.

Don’t be a dick, you guys. One nice thing changes the tide. One nice thing begets so many, and makes heroes of us all.

Be kind as shit.


Moni December 17, 2014 at 6:10 pm

Well, shit. My list of things to do today had “be a dick” right up at the top. Gotta go cross that off now. Seriously though, that’s why I pretty much only shop online this time of year.
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Josh December 24, 2014 at 8:42 pm

As one of the tired, sore legions laboring away in the trenches of retail at Christmastime…. thank you for shopping online! Don’t get me wrong, always happy to help, but Superman I ain’t.

Happy holidays to you, and all the League as well!

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