F**kin Bitch Friday: Take A Risk!


in Balancing Act, Dawn Smith

Dawn LOFB BadgeI am NOT good at taking risks. A part of me likes my security, and my habits, and my safe and small world.   I like being right, and I like not failing, and what better way to not fail than to stay where I know everything and everyone and I know I can succeed?

Except… I know that’s not enough. I know that risk is required for growth. I know that staying in my safe and small world leads to staleness and stagnation and small-mindedness. So I fight that instinct all the time. I challenge myself to stretch and grow and fail. I have to find ways to balance my need for security with my desire to grow and change and evolve. I’m working on it, like I am with so many other things. This post by Andy Bondurant at The Collective gave me a fresh perspective.


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