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If ever there was a woman who said, “Well, Fuck It,” it was Julie D’Aubigny.

An opera singer from 17th Century France, she took up with a fencing master. When he killed a man, they fled the city and starting giving Fencing expos at Taverns and Faires. Then she got bored, and just joined up with an opera company.

Then, she did this, as a direct quote from Wikipedia:

“Eventually, she grew bored of Sérannes (her fencing master) and became involved with a young woman. When the girl’s parents put her away in the Visitandines convent in Avignon, Maupin followed, entering the convent as a postulate. In order to run away with her new love, she stole the body of a dead nun, placed it in the bed of her lover, and set the room on fire to cover their escape. Their affair lasted for three months before the young lady returned to her family. Maupin was charged in absentia—as a male—with kidnapping, body snatching, arson, and failing to appear before the tribunal. The sentence was death by fire.

Maupin left for Paris and again earned her living by singing. Near Poitiers, she met an old actor named Maréchal who began to teach her until his alcoholism got worse and he sent her on her way to Paris.[4]

In Villeperdue, still wearing men’s clothing, she was insulted by a young nobleman. They fought a duel and she drove her blade through his shoulder. The next day, she asked about his health and found out he was Louis-Joseph d’Albert Luynes, son of the Duke of Luynes. Later, one of his companions came to offer d’Albert’s apologies. She went to his room and subsequently they became lovers and, later, lifelong friends.”

So, just in case you ever felt like you were going too far with a “fuck it” idea in your life.

You’re wrong.

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