What You Didn’t Know You Needed

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LOFB - JenI remember the day we met. Of course, in this age of technology, we had “met” two weeks prior, and what a fortnight it was. I remember standing on a sun-dappled street, laughing at an emailed description of your day. I remember waking up every morning with my heart in my throat because I knew a “Good morning, Beautiful” text awaited me. I remember swapping pictures of each other from our respective vacation spots, and I remember the first time I heard your voice; husky and warm, the phone pressed to my smiling face as our car wended it’s way along the moonlit California coastline.

Then the day finally came, and there you were. You stood before a wall of flowers in your well-pressed jacket and hopefully coiffed hair. When I threw my arms around you, you whispered in my ear, “Just as I imagined, you smell like vanilla and wildflowers”.

For weeks we were inseparable. I told you my deepest darkest secrets, and you bared your soul in return. You were newly out of a relationship and needed time. I understood. You said you ultimately wanted a long-term relationship but that we would need to take it slow. I agreed.

So, we took it slow. But then. . .gradually. . .slow got slower, and slower, and slower. Suddenly the “Good night” and “Good morning” texts dwindled into oblivion, and you became “busier” and “more stressed out”. But I understood. You had a lot on your plate, and I saw such a light in you; such an innate goodness and potential for a real relationship that I held on, and in doing so, I closed my eyes to facts I knew, but facts I chose not to acknowledge.

The fact that a woman’s name popped up in your search engine when we were googling something together. A woman I knew.

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Chooplah May 14, 2014 at 10:20 am

My best friend needed exactly this today, so thank you.
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