F**kin’ Bitch Friday: Laverne Cox

03/27/2014 · 1 comment

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When we think about our identity, for a large part of the population, it’s relatively easy to change who we are in society’s eyes with who we know ourselves to be inside. We can change jobs, change relationships, change ideals and morals and clothing until it matches who we are inside. We encounter some pushback from friends and family and society, but we learn to get through it.

Most of us don’t have to change our external gender identity to match who we are inside. That’s, well, that’s a whole new bag of pushback from society, from family, from friends, and sometimes even from within.

So when we have someone like Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia on Orange Is The New Black and has been recently in the spotlight as a voice for the Transgender community, we need to listen to her story. We need to look to those who struggle harder than we and learn from their stories so we can make it possible for everyone to be who they are, and to understand what really makes up an identity:

Who you feel you are, matched with a hell of a lot of courage to pursue that identity.

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If she can, you can. We all have that courage. Go and do it!

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