Joke-Off: Dick Joke Bestsellers

12/11/2013 · 16 comments

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There’s a dick joke in everything.

It’s a sound philosophy for life. Sort of like, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” but for people without souls.

People like you and me. People who don’t hold anything in too high esteem not to make a dirty joke about it, people who hold ‘nothing sacred’, people who can look at even best selling literature and tell it to go fuck itself.

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Joke-Off: Dick Joke Bestsellers

  • The Old Man And The Peen
  • A Tale Of Two Clitties
  • The Lion, The Witch, And The Bizarrely Specific Porn Genre
  • The Little Prince Albert
  • Charlotte’s Webcam
  • Valley Of The Realistic Fuckdolls
  • Harry Potter And The Chamber Of BDSM Gear
  • Charlie And The Unfortunate ‘Chocolate Factory’ Fetish
  • The Lovely Boner
  • Much Ado About Anal
  • James and the Giant Peach Flavored Lube Bottle
  • A Wrinkle In Testicles
  • New Poon
  • Nancy Drew The Worst Set Of Keys From The Bowl
  • A Series Of Unfortunate Hookups
  • The Da Vinci Choad
  • War and Pussies
  • Little Women Big Libidos
  • Lord Of The Flying Squirrel Position
  • Sense and Sensibility and Semen
  • The Picture Of Dorian Gray That No One Else Was Ever Supposed To See
  • Treasure Island: Men Need A Map To Find Any Fun Island
  • The Sound And The Fury Of The Neighbors
  • Paradise Lost I Fucking Said I Was Almost There
  • Of Mice And Men: The Saddest Sized Dick
  • Moby Dick
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