Funny Bitch Friday: Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes/Myths Retold


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We’re all smart here.

We all went to school for a while. We have all heard of the Greek and Roman myths. We probably know a little about Norse mythology. We probably know a little about Egyptian. We’ve been taught the stories of the gods-gone-by and what good messages they are for us to live by.

They aren’t good messages though. They’re terrible and stupid and really fucked up.

Thank Gods for Cory O’Brien then.

Myths Retold is his fantastic website that is exactly as it claims: myths retold in a very colloquial/internety/drunken bar drawl way. They are fucking glorious. HERE. SEE.

Deucalion and Pyrrha Get Pranked

The Miller Is One Drunk Motherfucker

Indian Nuns are HARD-CORE

They’re great. You learn something, you laugh a lot. What REALLY got me hooked was this fantastic book:


Click on the photo to buy it because it’s like $8 on Kindle and it will change your goddamned life. It had me laughing like a fucking maniac one story in. It’s fantastic and you need to buy it for yourself and anyone else you know who might even kind of like mythology.

Happy Friday, his archives are endless. You’ll never get anything done.

This Week’s Thursday Throwdown Whoooooooooom is:
Kelly: Real Barbie – comes complete with split ends, cellulite, Spanx, and a prescription for Zoloft.
Here’s how I would feel pitching this to Mattel.


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