Fine Garden Hotel or “Foine” “Ladygarden” “Fucklodge”?

12/02/2013 · 11 comments

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Conversation between Adrian and myself in Kyoto, while deciding what to do and where to go for the rest of our vacation.

Adrian: “I found this hotel in Nara that’s only $38!”
Noa: “That’s insane. Is it a hovel? A shack? A bench at the bus stop?”
Adrian: “No, it actually looks really nice, see?”
Noa: “Okay, yeah, it’s not full of bears or anything.”
Adrian: “Really? If that’s your understanding of the difference between nice and terrible hotels, we could stay almost anywhere.”
Noa: “I hate you.”
Adrian: “It…wow..this price includes breakfast the next day. It’s a little far from Nara Park, but hey, $38, right?”
Noa: “Okay, works for me. I’m just waiting to figure out what’s wrong with this place.”
Adrian: “Watch it be a love hotel or something insane like that.”

Yeah. How crazy would that be, right?

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