Racist Dick Joke Title Based On The Words Hung and Black Guy

04/01/2013 · 13 comments

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Adrian has a terrible memory for names and faces–especially with celebrities–but he doesn’t know that. Adrian is his own shitty IMDB service, naming every single person starring in a movie/show/advertisement with the incompetence one might expect from a frightened crocodile with a Netflix account.

Some of his brilliant success stories:

  • Is that Alain Richter?
    • Nope. It’s Alan Rickman!
  • Is that Gary Oldman in this Michael Bay movie?
    • Nope. It’s an old white guy!
  • Is that Matt Damon in this McDonald’s commercial?
    • Nope. That’s a young white guy!
  • Is that Jessica Simpson in this Law and Order SVU?
    • Nope. That’s a blonde background extra with huge tits! Just like it always is every time you’re sure that someone is Jessica Simpson!

Time and time again, I prove him wrong with real and accurate IMDB, but he never quite believes me when I tell him he’s wrong. Last week was the culmination of his terrible memory and my utter shock as his lack of recognition skills.

Adrian: Who is that?
Noa: William Hung.
Adrian: What is he famous for?
Noa: Being really terrible at singing. He auditioned for American Idol and became famous for being awful.

Adrian lost himself in thought for a few minutes

Adrian: I met him once.
Noa: No way.
Adrian: At a bar in Lubbock.
Noa: I’m sure as fuck that William Hung was not in a bar in Lubbock. Ever.
Adrian: No, I know he was. My roommate invited me over to watch him play in a bar, and it was really terrible. I know it was him.

At this point, just like every time he’s sure he’s got the right celebrity, I doubt my earlier declarations of his mistake. Maybe, just maybe, he’s right this time.

Adrian: No, wait. It wasn’t him. It was some black guy who was really terrible at singing.
Noa: You…you confused William Hung with a black guy? I mean…damn, they couldn’t be farther apart looks-wise.
Adrian: I don’t see color. I’m not a fucking racist.
Noa: I…I hate you so much sometimes.

Ever confused someone with someone else hilariously/embarrassingly? Ever seen someone else do that?

Favorite Comment From The Last Post:
From Johi Kokjohn-Wagner: I’m honored to be here with the likes of these funny bitches and dicks. Thank you all! I wish I could give each of you a pony. I would even give you each a really nice pony that likes people, not a naughty spoiled one that bites and kicks and runs back to the barn. Ponies can be real assholes sometimes. 

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