Welcome To The Overlook Apartment Building

03/18/2013 · 13 comments

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When leaving tonight for a friend’s house:

Adrian: Really? No one has claimed the mysterious white goop smear in the hallway?
Noa: It’s been there for what, four days?
Adrian: I fucking hate this building.
Noa: Wait…has it moved? Wasn’t it in front of 410?
Adrian: …holy shit, yeah. Why is it all the way down at 415?
Noa: So someone cleaned it up, and then a new one was smeared in front of a new apartment in exactly the same manner.
Adrian: It’s the most disgusting version of territory marking I’ve ever seen. Or maybe it’s like a mob warning for carpet cleaners. Like, “Nice hallways you got here, be a shame if someone smeared a mysterious white goop all over it.”
Noa: The Rug Doctor is actually a mob doctor, I like it.

After returning from the friend’s house:

Noa: Do you smell that?
Adrian: …yes.
Noa: Does it smell like blood?
Adrian: …yes.
Noa: Gallons upon gallons of blood?
Adrian: Goddamnit. Yes. It does. Is there an ‘overwhelming stench of blood’ clause in our lease?
Noa: That white smear wasn’t a mob warning. It’s the Overlook Apartment Building trying to drive us insane.
Adrian: We’re living The Shining right now.
Noa: I’m a writer and I stay at home all day. And I’m pretty sure Tobycat has The Shine. We’re just a phantom party and an assless dog costume away from murderfest 2013.
Adrian: I’m not sure what I’m more upset about–that we live in a horror house, or that I’m Shelley Duvall in this scenario.

Ever felt like you were living in someone else’s psych experiment? Like you were taking crazy pills?

Favorite Comment From The Last Post:
From Mayor Gia: OMG THE CAT GIF. I love I love. IT’S CINCO DE GATO!

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