Joke-Off: Strange and Hilarious Gravestone Inscriptions

01/09/2013 · 26 comments

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Every Wednesday, I start a Joke-Off about a topic I make up (or one you guys suggest). On Thursday, we all vote on who’s the funniest bitch of the week based on these submissions. If you want to play, just add in your submission in the comments!

Gravestones are confusing to me for a few reasons. Why, knowing that this will be the spot people will see of your for hundreds of years after your death, would you choose something plain and…well..not that funny? Let’s give people some new and fun ideas, shall we?

Joke-Off: Strange and Hilarious Gravestone Inscriptions

  • Go Fuck Yourself
  • Spirit of A Hustler
  • Dead Hard
  • I Will Be Missed
  • Dicks
  • Yippe-Ki-Dead Motherfucker
  • There’s A Wasp’s Nest In My Stone
  • You Should Shave Down There
  • Stop Esteban Before It’s Too Late
  • I Was Into Some Really Kinky Shit
  • Never Really Liked Oprah
  • I Took It All With Me Just To Spite You
  • Tom Cruise Was Right
  • Hell Is Being Alive One More Day With You
  • I Always Screened Your Calls
  • Haunting In Progress
  • I Have A QR Code On My Stone That’s Just A Picture of My Tits
  • Death By Munchausen’s
  • House Would Have Cured Me
  • I Was Kind Of A Bastard
  • The Money Is Hidden In Mongolia
  • I Was Ignoring You
  • Your Mom’s Poon Was Fantastic–What Are You Gonna Do About It?
  • Peed In The Shower A Lot
  • I Told You So
  • This Casket Is Nicer Than My House
  • Eat, Pray, Love Was Shitty
  • I Am Keyser Soze
  • I Have The Elder Wand
Favorite Comment From The Last Post:
From Emma: “I have got on a plane (Sydney to London) so 24 glorious hours only to have the lady next to me say “I do hope they have my special meal because you know I have a colostomy bag.” 

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