Funny Bitch Friday: The Party Princess

01/11/2013 · 7 comments

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I’ve written many a paper and hated on many a Disney aspect–Disney is racist, misogynist, and holy fuck you guys, I love the shit out of some Disney.

I’m deeply ashamed of my love for them, but I, like many others, was taken on that Princess train from a very young age. I was Belle, Jasmine, and Pocahontas for three separate Halloweens, and will admit to seeing Tangled and Brave in theaters, as an adult, with my husband. I also went to DisneyWorld last year with my 5-year-old nieces, and it was neck-and-neck as to who was more excited to be there.

So when I ran across The Party Princess, I was both wary and excited, as I am about most princess endeavors. Written by an artist-turned-party-princess from a sort of, “well, this is happening in my life,” perspective, I can’t get enough. It’s engaging and interesting and funny and I love it.

#1: Becoming Paid Royalty

#2: The Princess Cult

#3: The Parent Nightmare

#4: Change Behind A Dumpster

#5: Princess Comics

#6: Don’t Hit Cinderella With Your Car

This Week’s Thursday Throwdown Winner Is:

Misty: “Loving Mother, Daughter and Friend. Except for you. I always hated you.”

Congratulations, Misty! You win the knowledge that I’ll have that on my headstone, and also this:


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