Funny Bitch Friday: Seize the Absurd

01/18/2013 · 4 comments

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I think I’m funny. I think I do okay. Funny Bitch Friday is a weekly reminder that I have a ways to go to be queen of the funny. You bastards keep getting better and better.

Seize The Absurd, you guys. She’s challenging my crown, and it hurts my narcissism as much as it thrills me with delights and joys. Here, let me show you why.

freshmen 001

That’s a picture of her zooming away from college freshmen who won’t stop talking. It’s my desktop background now. You’re going to love her.

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This Week’s Thursday Throwdown Winner Is:

Marina: “Deadliest Catch: STD Edition.”

Congrats, Marina! I never want to see that. Here’s your prize!


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