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12/19/2012 · 17 comments

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Who’s heard this song?

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I fucking hate it.

My Grown-Up Christmas List is weird. Its title gives it a creepy childlike whimsy and it’s also the dumbest piece of shit song this side of Chris Brown. It’s the musical and also holiday equivalent of a beauty pageant contestant answering, “World Peace,” to the old, “What would you do for the world.” Fuck you. It’s masturbatory and saccharine and I hate everything nice because my heart is black. It’s a Live Aid concert that helps no one.

Because they keep propagating stupid bullshit like this song, let’s fuck with some celebrities, shall we?

  • Ryan Gosling wishes for Bradley Cooper.
  • Bradley Cooper wishes for Rahm Emanuel
  • Charlie Brown wishes for a sock full of oranges for Lucy
  • Legolas wishes for his dad to not be such a dick, GOSH
  • Miley Cyrus wishes for her childhood again
  • Nicholas Cage wishes for the time when he was considered a box-office draw for non-ironic reasons
  • PSY wishes for everyone to just Gangnam and forget his anti-US sentiments for a while because he didn’t mean that shit, okay?
  • Winston Churchill wishes for the Keep Calm posters to burn in a fiery Hell
  • Michelle Obama wishes for The Rock Obama
  • Princess Leia wishes for Disney to make her part of the Princess Line-Up because for fuck’s sake, don’t we need a badass princess for once?
  • Kate Middleton wishes for less press coverage about her vagina
  • Virgin Mary wishes for more press coverage about her vagina
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal wishes for her face from Donnie Darko
  • Thor wishes to learn to french braid.
  • Taylor Swift wishes for a cake make of rainbows and hugs and for everyone to get along just like we did in middle school
  • Christopher Walken wishes for a pair of wool socks
  • Wesley Crusher wishes for some more inexplicable sweaters
  • Levar Burton wishes you would take the banana clip off your eyes because you’re going to fall down the stairs and kill yourself that way
  • Nicki Minaj wishes for the talent she replaces with being belligerent
  • John Boehner wishes for a new last name
  • Honey Boo Boo’s mom wishes for an Applebee’s sampler platter
  • Ann Coulter wishes she were relevant outside of mongering indignation
  • Kanye West wishes for Kanye East
  • Yoko Ono wishes for a moon made of milk to feed the souls of the sleepy children
  • Cher wishes for a ghost tweeter
  • Clint Eastwood wishes for something…shit…was what it again. Son of a bitch. I don’t fucking remember.
  • Mel Gibson wishes to be Braveheart-famous again
  • Batman wishes for an end to throat cancers
  • Harry Potter wishes for some wizard therapists. Seriously, he would be so messed up you guys. PTSD like fucking whoa
  • Captain Picard wishes for a doily
  • Zooey Deschanel wishes for 1953
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