Funny Bitch Friday: WTF with Marc Maron

11/09/2012 · 7 comments

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I love funny people. I like to stare at their faces and laugh at the things that come out of them and read the things they type into their keyboards because I live a weird life where that’s my job. However, I love, even more, talking to funny people and hearing more about their own lives and stories.

That’s basically what WTF with Marc Maron is–taking extraordinary, talented funny people and just talking with them. It’s fascinating and funny and I love every minute, though I do admit to being biased about the Andrew W.K. episode because I own all of his music. PARTY HARD.

Shelley Berman

Kerri Kenney-Silver

Andrew W.K.

Joel McHale

Brian Regan

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This Week’s Thursday Throwdown Winner:

MOTHAFUCKIN’ MISTY: “The Art Of Blowjobs.”

You win this…horrible, horrible photo approximation of the badge. Oh God.

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