Funny Bitch Friday: Cheeseblarg

11/16/2012 · 12 comments

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Cheeseblarg is my fucking jam (or cheese. Whatever). Not called a blog, but a blarg, for a very awesome and really geeky reason, it’s filled with pretty things to stare at and wit to laugh at and I’m easily distracted by awesome. Goodbye, Friday! I have archives to attack!

Zombie Math

Why The Long Face? 

Grammar Guide: I vs. Me

How To Survive A Plane Crash


Jodee-San Learns Japanese

The Popcorn Paradox

And the winner of the Thursday Throwdown: Regrettable Fan Fiction Pairings is:

Mandi: “The Hulk and Autocorrect.”

Though, I think that would be anything but regrettable. TEENAGE GIRLS, SHIP THIS STAT.

Here is your prize, Mandi! Hulk just want love. Hulk is sorry he cannot spell Punky Brewster, or as he prefers, Pinky Brewaster.

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