Funny Bitch Friday: Megan Amram

03/09/2012 · 18 comments

in Funny Bitch Friday

Twitter likes to make suggestions about people you should follow. Just Tuesday, it suggested I follow Megan Amram. And that led me to her blog.

Mother of God, y’all. It is glorious.

Every. Single. One.

Bad Adjectives To Use At A Wine Tasting

New Year’s Resolutions Year 3012

Quiz: Do You Have Cancer?

Ed Hardy, Art Historian

My Favorite Harry Potter Spells

Upcoming Urban Outfitters Books

Keep bringing the funny. I cease to exist without it.

Favorite Comment From The Last Post:
From Dani: “Gravitation is not responsible for the size of your mother’s ass.” “Reality is merely an illusion, but your mother’s ass is huge.” “The secret to creativity is to know where to hide the bodies. And your mother’s ass.”


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