Funny Bitch Friday: Misty’s Laws

02/03/2012 · 60 comments

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I love me some Misty. I love me some Misty real hard. Fun Fact: the first time I ever got a really shitty comment, do you know who responded right the fuck away with some sass to die for? Fucking MISTY, that’s who.

And I love me some Misty’s Laws.

Here’s the deal, Misty is what we in the biz (of being dicks) call, “a douche magnet.” Luckily, she’s the fastest and sneakiest camera phone in the west. You need to see this shit to believe it.

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She’s also hilarious with her words and her life. And I love it.

Conversations with my 6-Year-Old, Part 6 

Buddy The Elf (This makes me laugh like a fucking lunatic. There’s a Christmas-Themed Eiffel Tower in this one. I love you, Misty.)

Go show her some love, and keep bringing the funny.

In awesome news, The League of Funny Bitches has a podcast now!

  • We interview members of The League, talk about who they are and how they are, and then we get weird with them.
  • We play “would you rather” in a horrifying manner.
  • We do a little PodProv
  • We do some Literary Pornalysis (and I really think Misty can help recommend some killer Harlequin for this segment!)

On the first episode, Alicia and I interviewed each other and it went bad very quickly. You can get the episode here (or by clicking on the new fancy Podcast tab at the top.)

Today at 6pm CST, we’re talking to Elizabeth from Flourish in Progress! We’ll post the podcast this week for y’all. You can live tweet with us at 6 (@ohnoag @aliciasherrod @noshoppingliz), and ask Liz some of your own questions there. We’re interactive as mugs, y’all.

Favorite Comment From The Last Post:
From Stephanie: “Dude, I totally shaved off my nipple one time. It grows back. Don’t worry. Be comforted by that little anatomical miracle.”


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