Funny Bitch Friday: Reasoning With Vampires

10/28/2011 · 58 comments

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Recently, I was pointed to Dana with Reasoning With Vampires. It was about 2 weeks ago, and that’s the last time I got any work done (thanks Heather Heartless.)

Dana’s blog is a line by line dashing of Twilight. She doesn’t make up the poor examples of writing, she doesn’t look for reasons to hate it. She merely points out what’s already there. She’s empirically proving how awful Twilight is. Even her post tags make me envious of her.

I love her. Unreasonably so.

Not only are her jokes on-point and unbelievably funny, Dana is simultaneously proving the necessity of good editing and the power of simplistic writing. She’s teaching you WHILE SHE’S MAKING YOU LAUGH. Dana’s an irreverent after-school special.

Go on, look at these examples of funny done right while I go and edit every post I’ve ever written.

When I read her blog, I take notes in between the laughs. Dear God, Dana, please keep bringing the funny.

Favorite Comment From The Last Post:
From Carrie-Cannibalistic Nerd: “I don’t know, I think I may like someone who always knows where my keys are. As long as they do a little housework between smelling my sweaters and crying into my placemats, I’m not sure I would mind.”



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