Funny Bitch Friday: Wait In The Van

04/01/2011 · 1 comment

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I can’t go to this site and see the header without shouting in my head at my imaginary children, “WAIT IN THE VAN, DAMNIT. MOMMY’S GOTTA WIN US A NEW DADDY.” I like to think that’s what she was going for.

I may or may not have implied Kristine is an old, cigarette-chaining gambler with small children she keeps kenneled in a van.

For that, I am truly sorry. Because she is not any of those things.

Seriously though, this bitch is funny. Need some proof?

The Character Assassination Carousel (I have always harbored weird feelings about this book)

The Elitist Wang: No really–I didn’t even name this one. It’s totally what she wrote.

Makin’ Friends: Is so easy to doooooooo.

Shopping Expenditures: I feel this pain. In a deep and extreme way.

Gold Records of the Dictionary Variety: Guesstimate. How I hate you, guesstimate.

So go on, dear Leaguers, and read the funny that is Wait In The Van. I promise you she’s not a gambling addict.

At least, as far as I know.


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